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About us

who do you think you are?
So.. why Westkust then?
We just like to build truly beautiful stuff and share it.

Westkust is born out of the thought that surfing needs a more open source based mentality. So, everything that we design is shared with the public for free. We strongly believe that sharing your work with the world and making the designs public will spark a lot of good things. We, as surfers, have strangely come to accept that the gear we buy isn’t produced locally, includes fees for marketing and that unbranded stuff doesn’t meet our high standards. We bring an alternative where you get the best of both worlds: high end innovative designs which you can produce locally with the help of modern technology.

yeah, yeah.. what do you sell?
You and what army?
You won’t fool the children of the revolution

Westkust is a social movement with an artisan spirit in which the methods of digital fabrication—previously the exclusive domain of institutions—have become accessible at a personal scale. We are an anti-response on disposables, globalized mass production, the power of chain stores, multinationals, and consumerism. Westkust consists of engineers, entrepreneurs and designers. We like to keep away from the stage and we rather spend time outdoors or in our shed. Who we are is not important. Let our products speak for us.

check out opensource surf design
These giants corporates are not gonna run you over?
We don’t think so Tim

Spurred primarily by the advent of 3D printing for the fabrication of prototypes, declining cost and broad adoption have opened up new realms of innovation. As it has become cost effective to make just one item, this approach can be depicted as personal fabrication for “a market of one person”. Westkust strongly believes that this can spike a new way of making surf related equipment.

Westkust is here to use the power of digital fabrication for everyone to experiment with. We share all our work for free. It means that we always release the source code of our designs so other can improve upon it and give it back to the global community. If you want to buy a cardboard blank or 3d printed surfboard fins we are there to accommodate you. Globally.

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