Westkust | 3D Printed Fins
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3D Printed Fins

Press print please

Instead of being mass produced like most other surf fins Westkust fins are 3d printed on demand, preventing both unnecessary transport and overproduction. Call it eco-friendly if you will. Even better, the designs are printed locally.
With all things new there can be hick-ups, call it Beta, call it a trial period. We call it evolution and we are upfront and open about it. We are non-commercial too so don’t come back complaining, help us fix it. If you are scared to know how your product is made and fear experimenting with designs, glassing, learning by doing and want world class customer service then please move on to the big brands. You will be well taken care of by FCS, Futures and whathaveyounot. You will be sweet as a nut…

How does it work?

We partnered with a network of printers with over 20.000 locations in over a 150 countries, providing over 1 billion people access to a 3d printer within 10 miles of their home. Westkust fins are all cutting edge open source designs, developed by and with the surfing community not by sponsored athletes. These designs below are for you experimental surf tinkerers, artists, makers and counterculture loving people. Every detail has been meticulously engineered. Structural dynamics have been taken into account. The hydrodynamics have been tested.
Wanna give it a try? We made it as easy as possible! 


Just click on the fin you like first. Then choose your print options. When you own a 3D printer yourself, just download the file and send it your little machine! Don’t own a printer? No worries..


Just send the file to a 3D printer near your home. We work with 3D hubs, and they will allow you to pick a printer, get a quote, and let them do their printing job.


Pick up your brand new fin at the locol print hub or simply ask them to send it it to your home. When you own your own 3D printer, just take it out! Now put it under your boards and go surfing!

Check out the fins below

All the designs below fall under this license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License