Westkust | cardboard blanks
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cardboard blanks


A blank not made out of clark foam, but out of cardboard. Is that possible? Yes it is! Mike Sheldrake has done some awesome work and found out that cardboard is a great alternative for that old and environmental unfriendly method. And yes, the constructions he developed, are as strong as Balboa. And the nicest part: the blanks are are turn key, so no extra sanding and shaping is needed! Once the cardboard puzzle is in place, you can glass it directly.

At Weskust you can order your cardboard blank or download the files you need to lasercut the parts you need for free. When ordering through Weskust you’ll get the whole package you need to assemble the blank, send right to your home. Wanna do it all by yourself? Go ahead! All files you’ll need are available for free. With a very special thanks to Mike Sheldrake, who made it all possible!

How does it work?

Assembling the kit will bring you a kick-ass – no further shaping needed – cardboard core. Own a lasercutter yourself? Or know a local one? The files you need to lasercut can be downloaded for free. More information on how to do it exactly, can be found on the website of Mike Sheldrake or on his Youtube channel.

A bit lazy, like us? You can also buy a complete “3d” puzzle from designers in production (dutch website) and assemble your board at home! 

So you got your cardboard kit at home. Now you need to assemble all the pieces and turn it into your turn-key blank. It’s a bit off a puzzle, it will take you a couple of hours, but hey: now shaping needed afterwards! And didn’t you like puzzles when you were a kid?
So your blank is finished. You’ll need to glass it before getting into the water (or hang it on your wall, they’re quite the pieces of art!). You can find all glassing tutorials on Mike Sheldrakes youtube channel by the way). When your not quite the shaper, ask a local shaper to do it your for you. Yeah we know, this will cost you a few bucks.
All glassed up? Take it for a surf! We’re pretty sure that you’ll get the attention you deserve. No surfing skills needed to get a crowd with this one. Afterwards we recommend you to find a nice place to hang it, so you can keep looking at it!

Check out the boards below